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Ola S1 Pro Long-Term Review: Introduction

14 July 2022, 05:29 PM Pratik Bhanushali


OLA S1 Pro Right Front Three Quarter

We recently tested the Ola S1 Pro e-scooter briefly and found out quite a few things about its performance, mechanical bits, and features. However, to get a fair idea of what it’s like to live with and test various parameters, like its range, discharge and charging time, and even its overall usability in various weather conditions, we needed to ride it extensively. 

OLA S1 Pro

OLA S1 Pro

  • Mileage - Owner Reported120 kmpl
  • Kerb Weight125 kg
  • ;

Avg. Ex-showroom price

₹ 1,37,163

OLA S1 Pro Right Rear Three Quarter

So, the Ola S1 Pro will now serve as a long-termer in BikeWale’s garage for three months (July, August, and September). With heavy rains and occasional sunshine, this e-scooter’s mettle will be put to test against pothole-ridden Mumbai roads, among various other factors.

What’s on paper?

OLA S1 Pro Left Rear Three Quarter

Ola has offered very impressive stats and figures on the paper. With the 8.5kW of peak power (mid-drive IPM motor) accelerating the S1 Pro from 0 - 40kmph in 3 seconds and the top speed of 116kmph, the specifications promise aplenty. It even gets a 3.9kWh fixed battery with bold claims for the range (under specific conditions). 

OLA S1 Pro TFT Touchscreen Instrument Cluster

Not to mention, since Ola has deployed the MoveOS 2 software update via OTA, the features list, too, has gotten a little longer. It now gets navigation, cruise control, music control, eco mode, and smartphone connectivity. The latter gives you access to various metrics like the charging status, range as per the modes, and odometer readouts. 

The Plan(s)

OLA S1 Pro Right Front Three Quarter

Since I have the scooter for good 90 days, the plan is to make life easy. How? Well, use it as my ride to the office, commute around the town, occasional weekend jaunts to local café(s), grocery shopping, and everything in between. All of this, while not spending a dime on fuel but relying on home/public charging. However, the plot twist here is that the Ola S1 Pro will also serve as my primary means of transportation. So, I’ll have to work my day around the charge/discharge, charging time, and the number of kilometres it can clock. 

OLA S1 Pro Right Rear Three Quarter

As mentioned earlier, with the monsoon season upon us, I’ll also have to see if the scooter can be charged while it rains. And if not, then make the necessary changes at my home to charge it safely. Fair to say, we are in for a ride!

Scooter Stats

Make: Ola Electric

Model: S1 Pro

Odometer- 486km

Range: 135km (claimed)

Price: Rs 1,29,999 (ex-showroom Maharashtra)

Photos by Kaustubh Gandhi


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